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  • LNG trader

    We operate as a market consolidator for LNG purchases from global suppliers and wholesale natural gas trader in Eastern European markets.

  • Broker

    We act as a broker in arranging natural gas and LNG supply contracts between large industrial buyers and global suppliers.

  • Investor

    We invest in trading opportunities related with storage of resources and long-term deliveries of supplies as well as natural gas storage infrastructure.

  • Financial trader

    We trade and hedge major European and US gas indices and operate as an advisor for hedging and portfolio management to our industrial and wholesale customers.

About us


By being agile and proactive market player in energy business provide quality services and most competitive LNG and natural gas sourcing solutions for our customers as well as generate consistently growing value to our shareholders though diversification of markets and services.


To further expand natural gas trading business in Europe as well as enter far east Asian markets with an objective to service industrial customers with LNG deliveries and supply.

How we do business

By being a very agile and motivated team of professional traders and sector experts, we obtained a portfolio of global LNG traders and capacity holders that are able to provide multiple delivery and pricing solutions to our customers. If there is a need for LNG we are ready to service that need.

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Our bases:

  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Finland
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